Bible Study for Progressives with Rich Procida

Israel Palestine: Land and Covenant with Dr. Ron Pierce

March 1, 2019

On this show, Professor of Old Testament Studies at Biola University, Ron Pierce examines the relationship between “land” and ”covenant” in the Bible. This is the third in a series of classes using a film giving voice to the views of Palestinian Christians. In this context, Dr. Pierce asks us to consider how the Church should respond to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

Dr. Pierce is addressing an older and more conservative audience. My mother, Dicksie Mathison, worked with Dr. Pierce to bring this series of classes to her Sunday school class. In this lecture, Dr. Pierce focuses on the biblical themes of “Land” and “Covenant.” His approach transcends the political divide to provide his Evangelical audience with a scriptural basis upon which to reflect upon the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. .