It’s About Identity, Stupid! Why Third Parties are a Ruse and Hillary Clinton is Not Evil

October 10, 2016
Should we vote strategically, making sure that Donald Trump doesn’t get elected, or should we vote our conscience regardless of the result? Is Hillary Clinton a dishonest, corporate shill and warmonger who is only a little better than Donald Trump? Are third party candidates really a viable option?
In this election it is vital to make the right decision, because another dose of supply-side economics and deregulation is likely to lead to another financial crisis from which we may not be able to bail ourselves out. Bitter racial division and political polarization threaten to tear us apart. The threats of climate change, terrorism, and increasing economic inequality are killing people and destroying our world.
I am not exaggerating to say that this may be our last chance to take this country back and put it on the right track. Citizens United has all but handed the nation over to the corporations and the rich. We must use our vote wisely, because the further we go down the wrong road the harder it will be to turn things around.
In this show I will discuss Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the problem with Hillary Clinton, the rise of Donald Trump, the choice, third parties, and the divided Left. It is my hope that this show will put the entire election into perspective, especially for liberals and progressives who are struggling with whether to vote for Hillary Clinton, a third party candidate, or whether to even vote at all.


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